Hacked Gmail Account Recovery
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Hacked Gmail account recovery is a very critical situation for email users.  it is compulsory to recover the hacked account to avoid leakage of data. If you want your account to be safe and secure then you should always be alert regarding such issue. you should, first of all, know the cause of hacking. Sometimes the user is themselves responsible for the Gmail hacked account. If you are a professional user of Gmail then you should never share your password with others. Never save the password on other device or any public device. Such small mistake troubles us a lot. Sometimes the Hackers send the malicious program to the system users via pop-ups, free software and as the user click on the pop-ups or download the free software, it retrieves all the data of system and helps the hacker to steal the data and personal information like bank details, secret information etc. It is possible to fix the Gmail hacked account manually and also with the support of Gmail help team.

Hacked Gmail Account Recovery

Causes of hacking Gmail Account:

One should always cause of hacking. If you want safe email account from the hacker, You should keep following points in your mind.Hacked Gmail Account Recovery.

  • Password Share: Never share your password with anyone because other can access account by knowing your password.
  • Weak Password:Weak password is the another common cause of Gmail hacked account because it is very easy to hack such account. Some user create the password same as username, nick name, birth date, 1 to 5 number etc. which is easy to hack.
  • Password saves in the browser:Whenever we login email account in others device or system and choose option as save the password as “remember me” and mistakenly forgot to logout.So in our absent account is accessed due to save password and account accessed.
  • Malicious program:While accessing internet pop ups appear on the screen so as you click on such pop ups or ads, malicious program the account information from your system.
  • Free Software:  Some Free software having harmful programs like virus, browser hijackers, Trojan, Malware etc. So if you install free software without getting the details, malicious programs enter in your system and retrieve the data.

Steps to recover Hacked Gmail Account

You can fix the issues of hacked Gmail account and recover it manually. Since your account is hacked so recover your password and create a new strong password.

  1. Go to the Forgot password option
  2. Give the alternate email id or phone number you have given while creating the account.
  3. An OTP will go to your email id or phone number to verify your identity
  4. Get the OTP and input it in the text box which appears on the official site
  5. Click on Continue
  6. You will get the option to create a new password. So make the password with the combination of letter, number and special characters.

You can also get help from Gmail customer support. Our skilled and experienced technician will help you to fix your problem.